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Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabric (also weed barrier or ground cover) is biodegradable uvioresistant PP (Polypropylene) flat fiber woven (non-woven) geotextile in colors of white and black. due to its features of heavy duty and cheap in wee control applications, it has been proffessionally applied in vegetable garden,landscaping,garden, flower beds, driveway, adn under gravel, home base and other civil engineering as an alternative method of weed control.

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weed control fabric reviews - what is the best type of weed control fabric

  • 1. There are many different methods and ways of weed control, you can buy weed control fabric nearby where you live and online, such as landmaster, costco,lowes, wilkinsons, b&q, wilko, dupont, wickes, screwfix, dupont,woodies, ireland, walmart, plantex, feltex , toolstation, weedx, and dewitt home depot. Facing so many brands of weed control fabric, we may lost our mind in choosing the best type of weed control fabric. I am just like you, can not list them all. To better understand weed control fabric, I shall try to pick the best weed control fabric for you from its physical performance.
  • 2. Water permeability: Water permeability in weed control fabric (commonly symbolized as L/s.m2) is a measure of the ability of weed control fabric to allow water and other fluids to pass through it. Under different application circumstances, we need pick its equivalent weed control fabric measured in permeability. Generally, the permeablity of weed control fabric for outdoor should be 35L/s.m2, varies 37.7L/s.m2 in greenhouse.
  • 3. Tensible strength: The resistance of weed control fabric to a force tending to tear it apart, measured as the maximum tension weed control fabric can withstand without tearing. Accordin to research and practice, The tensible strenghth of heavey duty weed control fabric should no less than 800N which wells up to weed control fabric international standard ISO-5801.
  • 4. Width: To reduce material and time loss caused by crop, the width of weed control fabric should be complied with its equivalent surface in width waiting to install, The most commonly weed control fabric used in width (mainly USA and Europe) is 3.30m, 3.50m, 4.20m, and 5.25.
  • Pins: (iGeosynthetics provide customized weed control fabric with 3.28ft to 26.25 ft or 1m to 8m wide)
  • 5. Color: There are two colors of weed control fabric: black and white. Black weed control fabric can be both used interior and exterior whreas white color weed control fabric mainly used interior. The main function of white control fabric is to increase the level of natural light to enhance vegetable photosynthesis, meanwhile, it possesses the feature of light reflect which can decrease the trap heat greenhouse surface and therefore decrease ground tempreture. That is why white control fabric is usually applied in vegetable plant in greenhouse where requires a higher level of sunlight.
  • 6. Life-time: The main function of weed control fabric is to protect the ground and inhibiting growth of weed. So the life-time of weed control fabric must be consisdered before buy weed control fabric. Broken of weed control fabric can directly influence the effect of drainage and weed control. From the perspective of investment and benefit, the cost effectvie (Life time/Price) of weed control fabric should be more than 2. Constantly obsessioned with cheapest or beautiful weed control fabric is not a wise choise.
  • Purchasement direction: weed control fabric bluk order introduction

  • commercial weed control fabric specifications: US and UK regional custermized 4 ft. x 100 ft. commercial weed control fabric availabe on iGeosynthetics wholesale. Other custermized specifications of weed control fabric are also availabe for bulk order.
  • Fabric weight: 70-150gsm (100gsm, 125gsm best saled).
  • 12x12 mesh (50m length in roll package)
  • 15x15 mesh (50m or 10m length in roll package)
  • 24x9 mesh (25m length in roll package)
  • 24x12 mesh (20m length in roll package)
  • UV treatment (antioxidant) : 1%-2% (70% residue after 2-4 years)