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Vertical garden planters|wall planters

Vertical garden planters, also called vertical wall planters, have pocket of 3-20 (most commonly 7, 8 and 20 pocket) like shoe orgnized bags. vertical wall planters is an decorative way for outdoor and indoor walls hanging flowers, herbs or vegetables. You can use pocket vertical garden planters to diy stunning living walls covered in lush vegetation.

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Features of vertical garden planters

  • vertical garden planters by iGeosynthetics are the perfect way to create your very own vertical garden. Vertical garden planters come in many customized shapes and sizes to suit your needs, like six pocket planter and large 42-inch single pocket planner. Any number of planters can be placed together to create your dream vertical garden. vertical garden planters are made from top-quality, eco-friendly and recycled materials, so they are great for the environment. The fill material is lightweight, get one of the strongest and most durable on the market. It also provides excellent irrigation and plant breathability. Vertical garden planters are waterproof for indoor and outdoor use. They are super easy to hang and fill, and you'll be pleased to know that they are affordable.
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  • Vertical gardens are the hottest trend in urban landscapes. while super popular today, vertical gardening is not a new concept. In fact, more than 1,000 years BC, the Babylonians created extensive vertical gardens and living walls within their villages. More recently, the 1980s, the French botanist Patrick blank became famously known for his vertical gardens installed indoor and outdoor areas all over the world. there are so many benefits of vertical gardening that they are only limited to your imagination.
  • vertical gardens will turn any unused or ugly area into a vibrant and lush environment. Vertical gardens allow you to maximize your use of any space. They're perfect for yards large and small apartments (balconies, patios, schoolyards, community and rooftop gardens). Vertical gardens can also provide you with an abundant food source. Growing enough food within a few feet of ground or floor space to provide you salad vegetables and herbs all year long. Vertical gardens can have a big impact on your health, that is the best detoxifiers on the planet. Plants are crucial components for improving the air quality in your home by removing harmful volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. Unfortunately, so many items in your home release harmful VOCs into the air that you and your family breeds including carpets, paints, cleaning products, cosmetics, cooking gasoline, newspapers, upholstered furniture, refrigerators and air conditioners. VOCs can irritate your skin eyes and respiratory system without you knowing the cause of it. So, if you're having unexplained headaches, this may be why the scary thing about VOCs. They can lead to compromised immune system and devastating illnesses like cancer and off of the doom and gloom.
  • Vertical hanging wall planters outdoor to creat amazing living walls with vertical garden planters